Hey Erasmus!

ESN Roma ASE is proud to present you a new cycle of events: a series of casual debates on topics of current interest. We want you to be able to confront eachother, share opinions and reach a mutual enrichment by listening other people's points of view. The debates will be held in ENGLISH (but it can be adapted depending on the participants).
The first event will take place on WEDNESDAY, MARCH 7th at 8:30pm at LANCELOT (via dei Volsci 77A).
Since women's day is approaching, the topic of our first meeting will be "SEXISM: THE WAY SOCIETY DEFINES OUR ROLES".
At the end of the debate we will discuss possible future topics: your voices need to be heard!
Of course, to make the atmosphere more casual and warm, it will be possible to buy drinks at the bar with SPECIAL ESN PRICES:
- long drinks and 0.4l beer 3.50€
- small beer 2€

See you all there!


07/03/2018 -
20:30 to 22:30
Lancelot 1969
Via dei volsci,77/A
00185 Rome